Which Catalogues Are Best For People With Bad Credit? Find Out Here!


If you’ve stumbled across this website, then chances are you have a bad credit history which is stopping you getting accepted for a home shopping catalogue. This article will show you how it is still possible to get approved for an online shopping catalogues even if you have a low credit score.

You probably recognise some of the company logos shown in the image above. You may have even applied with some of them only to have your application rejected because of a low credit score.

catalogueUnfortunately companies such as Littlewoods, Very and ISME are very reluctant to provide credit to people with poor credit history.

Kind of makes sense when you think about it. Your credit history is a record of how you managed your finances in the past and your ability to repay finance/credit – so if you’ve been late a number of times on payments, you’ve probably ended up with a reputation as someone who cannot repay their financial commitments.

Sorry. That’s the way it goes. No one is perfect. But catalogue companies want people who do have a perfect credit history. Would you give money to someone who you knew had troubles repaying in the past? Probably not. Same with these catalogue companies.

Is it all doom and gloom? Nope. You can still access home shopping catalogues even if you have bad credit, and so here they are below.


BrightHouse – Best Catalogue For People With Bad Credit

You may have seen this company whilst out shopping in town. BrightHouse have close to 300 high street stores in the UK and are said to be quickly building more in the next few years.

They already have 200,000 customers who are making weekly payments on items such as televisions, washing machines, fridges, sofas, cookers and beds.


How do I become a customer?

Their website is www.brighthouse.co.uk and you can easily register and shop online. However, you will need to visit your local branch (use their store finder here) to complete the application and provide the following documents:

  • Proof of address
  • Proof of ID
  • Proof of income

No deposit is required and once your application has been approved, they can deliver your shopping to your home free of charge. If you buy bulky items such as a fridge washing machine, they will even install it all for you and take away all the packaging. If you buy a bed, they will assemble it for you too. I wonder if they will make the sheets and plump up the pillows?

How do I pay?

You can choose Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly terms and pay by cash or credit/debit card either in-store or by phone.

What can I buy?

You are not limited and you can buy anything that’s available on their website. BrightHouse have a handy online tool which allows you to pick a product category and then set a budget you can afford to pay weekly. You then get told which products fall into your weekly price range.


Dial a TV – Second Best Catalogue

Dial a TV provide a selection of branded household products such available on low cost weekly or monthly payments on a rent to own basis.

They have less items to choose from than BrightHouse, but both companies accept applications from people with no or poor credit rating.


You can see on the banner above, that you can spread the cost of items from as little as £1.20 per week.

They offer free deliver, installation and repairs.

Other catalogues for bad credit?

Don’t think that when you’re stuck with home shopping catalogues, life will be like a prison camp and you have no choice but to eat whatever is served on your plate. Well, shopping options can feel like that sometimes when you have a bad credit history. But there are choices out there.

Here’s a short list of online shopping catalogues that offer some pretty good deals. People can think of them as a way to keep your financial commitments without having to compromise your shopping impulses. They can keep your spending behaved whilst allowing some financial freedom so to speak.

Fashion World

fashionworldBelieve it or not, Fashion World has been around for more than a decade. The design of this shopping portal is truly brilliant. There’s no second guessing what it’s all about – fashion, no more no less. But that’s not the only thing great about this catalogue company.

They offer spread payment to extend any customer’s buying power (as expected). Other than the buy now pay later option on all items, they even guarantee next day delivery. If you’re hunting for something clever to wear for any head turning occasion, then check out the clothing articles they have to offer.

What’s Their APR rate?

Fashion World has a 34.1% APR rate, which may seem pretty steep. Note that it is variable and will be added to your outstanding dues. If you find the rates a bit too much then you can make use of for occasional shopping and basically to repair your credit.

How Do I Become A Customer?

Signing up for an account is rather easy. Their official website is www.fashionworld.co.uk. Fill out the online registration form, which means that you will be required to enter your personal details, your current address or delivery address, and other info.

Creating an account and getting credit in from Fashion World is pretty fluid. You can get everything set up easily. Ordering items as well the return process is equally hassle free. The company is known for great service so you don’t really have to keep a tight watch on your blood pressure when you buy stuff from them.

What are their payment options?

Fashion World offers its customers with a couple of payment options. You can either pay for the amount in full or you can spread the payments/payments via monthly installments.

What can I buy?

This online catalogue site is primarily known for fashionable clothing. But they also have electrical appliances, gift items, and home essentials on their catalogue of goods.



jacamoAnother online shopping catalogue website that you can try is Jacamo. It’s basically the place to go to for men’s clothes. You might have even seen and heard their ads and TV commercials one time or another. Just like any shopping portal on the Internet, they try to include some small items on the menu other than the main items.

What’s Their APR Rate?

The APR rate of Jacomo is pegged at 39.9%, which will make some people cringe. The company sends customers the bill every 28 days. They have a wide range of payment options to make things a little more comfortable.

How Do I Become a Customer?

To register for an account, head on to www.jacamo.co.uk and fill out their registration forms. No other information is needed and you’ll be credited almost immediately so you can begin shopping.

What Are Their Payment Terms?

Remember that this is also a buy now pay later site. That means you don’t have to pay for everything up front. When the statement arrives after 28 days of your purchase you can pay the minimum amount if you wish or just pay the entire bill in full, which ever you like. Remember that they give you bonuses for good behavior so paying on time does have its perks.

What Can I Buy?

Jacamo is best known for their plus size garments, which is great for guys who are larger in girth or who are taller than average. They even have shoes for guys who leave behind giant footprints.



marisotaWe’ve already included a portal for plus size men – well here’s the female counter part. Marisota caters to women who simply look good in plus size dresses, skirts, trousers, and pretty much everything else under the sun. A charming voluptuous woman deserves the best.

What’s Their APR Rate?

Just like other online catalog sites, the APR rate for Marisota is 39.9%. Note that this is a variable rate. Well, it’s still a pretty steep rate compared to the other catalogues that we’ve seen so far.

How Do I Become a Customer?

Their official website is www.marisota.co. New registrants will be required to enter their address and other personal info. Note that the address you enter should be verifiable via the Post Office files. In case the site can’t recognize/verify your address, you will then have to call customer service.

What Are Their Payment Terms?

Customers are afforded the usual payment options including online, post, phone, and bank. Just like the other catalogue sites that we have seen so far, Marisota also allows customers to spread the cost that they have incurred via the customer’s personal account. You can spread your payments monthly if you wish.

What Can I Buy?

Marisota provides women with pretty much everything they need – many of them in larger sizes as needed. The items they have on sale have been arranged by category. The ladies can shop according to current fashion trends or just go by the items by design.

Premier Man

premiermanPremier Man is another option for boys who want to get shirts that will definitely make them strike a pose with the women. It’s also another great place where you can find plus size shirts and still look really brilliant. You can almost feel like you’re ready to take on the next James Bond role.

What’s Their APR Rate?

The APR rate for Premier Man is set at a whopping 39.9% (variable). It shouldn’t be a surprise by now but that figure is somewhat a standard for some of these catalogue sites. Everyone should also know that statement usually arrives every 28 days.

How Do I Become a Customer?

Their official website is www.premierman.com and you can register for an online account right there at the home page. Take note that you can also signup for an account via email, which also has its own perks as well. No other documentary requirements are necessary.

What Are Their Payment Terms?

Customers can pay for the full amount of their purchases when they check out. Of course, why do that if you can get the items on credit, right? Just like any catalogue shopping portal, customers are also given the option to spread the cost over several months. Doing so will make the monthly recurring cost a lot easier to handle. Plus, of course, it will allow you to stretch your budget.

What Can I Buy?

The items on this online catalogue usually contain men’s wear but they have also included some other items of interest. That includes electronics and other home essentials that are must haves for the boys. Take note that some items for women are also included in the list.

Ambrose Wilson

ambrose-wilson-logoAmbrose Wilson is one of the many catalogue brands from J D Williams & Company Limited. This online catalogue allows customers to steer clear of the high streets and enjoy shopping from home. It’s also a good option for people who are looking for women’s clothing in plus sizes.

What’s their APR rate?

Every customer at Ambrose Wilson will be provided a variable APR rate of 39.9%. Those who sign up for an account with them will be given a credit range of 100 to 500 pounds.

How do I become a customer?

Signing up with this online catalogue is pretty much standard. You need to go to the main page at www.ambrosewilson.com, click on the “Register” link and that will take you to the new accounts registration page. The instructions on that page will walk you through the steps of account creation, which will require you to enter your personal info and billing information.

How do I pay?

The payment options are pretty flexible. You can pay for the entire amount shown in your statement, which will be mailed to you every 28 days. Your payment slips will also be sent by post. If the bill will be a big burden on your budget then take advantage of the next payment option: you also have the option to spread the payments.

To do that, you can just pay the minimum amount indicated on your billing statement sent by post. Note that the minimum payment amount is usually 1/12th of the original cost of the goods that you bought. That means the entire cost of the goods is spread for an entire year.

What can I buy?

You can buy pretty much everything on the catalogue. However, the best items they have on their list are clothing articles for women.

Fifty Plus

fiftyplusFifty Plus is yet another great location to get women’s clothing in plus sizes. You don’t believe that a voluptuous woman can look more tempting than she already is? Dress her up with the items on sale here and find out what you’ve been missing all this time.

What’s their APR rate?

The representative variable APR rate is 39.9%. It’s kind of steep, but the items you’ll find here are worth the additional cost. The minimum credit limit that each customer is given is 100 pounds. The maximum credit limit on the other hand is 400 pounds.

How do I become a customer?

The steps to register with Fifty Plus are simple. Just point your browser to their main page at www.fiftyplus.co.uk and register for a new account. You will be asked to enter your shipping address and billing information.

How do I pay?

Payments via credit card and debit card are possible. However, if you want to spread the payments over several months you should pay through your personal account. The minimum payment is usually 1/12th of the total cost of the items you ordered. However, if you have established a good payment history, the minimum payment can be reduced to only five pounds.

What can I buy?

Everything you see on the site is available. Most of the items women’s apparel and accessories but they also have items for men and children.

JD Williams

jd-williamsJD Williams is one of the biggest names in UK’s online catalogue industry. They actually operate about 20 catalogues for bad credit on the Internet. Before officially selling items on the Internet, the company operated via the parcel post service. The company has been around since 1875. They boast of having 4,000 employees to serve their growing number of customers.

What’s their APR rate?

The representative APR rate for JD Williams is 39.9%. Note that this is a variable amount and can change according to the company’s terms and conditions.

How do I become a customer?

You need to sign up for an account with JD Williams in order to purchase items on the catalogue. Go to their home page at www.jdwilliams.co.uk and click on the link to their Registration page. You need to enter all the required info on the registration form.

How do I pay?

There are basically two ways to pay for the items you intend to purchase. You can pay in full and you won’t be charged any interest. But since the idea is to do a credit repair and spread the costs then you can pay the minimum amount for 12 months, which will incur interest.

For instance, if you purchased items that cost 98 pounds, you will be required to pay minimum of 5.71 pounds a month for 12 months. Please see their terms and conditions in order to ascertain the actual rates for items you are to purchase.

What can I buy?

It’s no holds barred with this online catalogue. You can purchase anything on their site.


julipaJulipa is the online catalogue for a woman’s personal and intimate needs. Every woman’s lifestyle need is readily available from lingerie to her swimwear.

What’s their APR rate?

The APR rate is 39.9%. That is a common figure for many of these online catalogues.

How do I become a customer?

Point your browsers to www.julipa.com in order to sign up for an account. Just fill out the online form and you’re done. Maximum credit limit is 400 pounds.

How do I pay?

You can pay the minimum amount, which is usually a little over 5 pounds. Payments are spread into 12 installments, which make the costs and monthly payments a little lighter.

What can I buy?

Julipa is mainly a catalogue for women’s apparel. They have a pretty good selection of bras, controlwear, thermals, and hosiery. They even have a useful bra fitting guide.

They have items from some of the most well-known brands such as Playtex, Shapely Figures, Triumph, Miss Mary of Sweden, and Naturally Close among many others.

Swimwear items include clothing articles that make women look stunning gorgeous on the beach including tankinis. Other than that, they also have a pretty good selection of footwear for women plus a good set of accessories as additional highlights to make the men’s jaws drop.

Simply Be

simplybeWho ever said that plus size women and designer brands don’t mix? Well, we have provided great shopping options for the guys so the women also deserve another one. Simply Be has an extensive list of items that allow women to really just be themselves.

This online catalogue is a shopping portal of the direct home shopping enterprise known as J D Williams & Company Limited. It’s one of the most successful trading companies around and has been operating since 1875. The company boasts of having more than two million customers with more than 4,000 employees serving their loyal patrons.

What’s Their APR Rate?

The APR rate set by Simply Be is 39.9% (variable). They offer pretty much the standard 400 pound credit limit, which is a typical figure for many of these online catalogues. Remember that you can taper off the huge burden of the monthly costs by spreading it out, which is perfectly allowed for all credit holders.

How Do I Become a Customer?

If you’re interested in the items on display at Simply Be then you can sign up for an account at www.simplybe.co.uk. The link to their online registration page is right there at the home page. The registration process is pretty straightforward. The online registration requirements basically include the applicant’s personal details, mailing info, and the like.

What Are Their Payment Terms?

Payments can be made via debit card or credit card, by phone, or mail. Monthly payment arrangements can be made. Just remember that customers are expected to make their payments whenever a statement is sent, which usually arrives every 28 days.

What Can I Buy?

Simply Be offers quite an attractive array of designer items in plus sizes for women. Customers can shop by brand or by designer. In case you want to be in fashion for the season then check out their Style Edit options to keep yourself abreast with the latest in today’s fashion.

House of Bath

houseofbathThe House of Bath is a good option for people who have improved their credit rating to some degree. If you’re looking for home improvement ideas or just some sort of inspiration for your next home décor project, then this is a good place to look.

However, be advised that items here may be a bit more expensive. But the good news is that they usually offer large discounts. They even make half price offers for many items. This is a pretty good incentive to sign up for a personal account and check out their monthly catalogues.

What’s Their APR Rate?

The site does not mention any APR rate. However, since this online catalogue also belongs to J D Williams & Company Limited, it would be safe to say that they also offer a 19.9% up to 39.9% APR rate (variable) since that’s pretty much the same range they offer for all of their trading and shopping catalogue sites.

How Do I Become a Customer?

Signing up for an account with House of Bath is simple. Just open their main page at www.houseofbath.co.uk and click on Register. You will be required to enter the rudimentary info such as your shipping address, your email address, etc.

What Are Their Payment Terms?

Payment options are usually by credit or debit cards. Customers can use their Maestro, Visa, or Delta to pay for their items. A minimum amount can be paid when you get a statement.

What Can I Buy?

The main items that House of Bath offers are usually furniture and home décor. They have fabulous collections to match the season or the occasion brewing in the air. They may offer electronics and health care products but that is not their cup of tea.

Shoe Tailor

2611ShoeTailor is the place where people with bad credit can be brave and kill seven in one blow (pun intended there). Seriously, if you have big feet, then this is the place for you. They have your footwear covered with everything else to boot.

What’s Their APR Rate?

This site is another portal provided to customers by J D Williams & Company Limited. With that in mind, you ought to know by now that their APR is generously pegged at a variable 39.9%. It’s kind of steep but it is workable nonetheless.

How Do I Become a Customer?

To become a customer of Shoe Tailor, all you have to do is to visit their home page at www.shoetailor.com. You’ll find a link to their personal account registration page where you will be required to enter your contact info, billing, shipping, and other pertinent customer information.

What Are Their Payment Terms?

The payment terms are pretty much the same with other online catalogues from the same business. A statement will be sent to you via post every 28 days. You can then opt to pay the full amount or at least just pay the minimum amount indicated.

What Can I Buy?

Boots are the best buy from this online catalogue. They have designs for men, women and children as well. The options are extensive but be on the lookout for promotional offers that will save you a good deal of money.

uk catalogues

Any other options?

If you have a very bad credit rating, then the catalogues above may be the only home shopping catalogues which will accept you as a customer. However, depending on how severe your credit rating is, you may still be accepted by the more popular home shopping brands such as Littlewoods and Very.

These companies tend to have their own credit checking criteria and this simply means that if you are declined by one company, it doesn’t mean you wont be accepted by another. Everyone’s personal circumstances are different, and ultimately it will depend on your individual credit rating whether you are approved or not.

My advice would be to try and get accepted for finance with the ‘normal’ home shopping catalogue companies first. Should you keep getting declined, then your only option is to apply with catalogues specifically for bad credit, who although may charge a little higher than most, you will be virtually guaranteed for acceptance.

So below is a list of all the major UK home shopping catalogue companies with buy now pay later schemes to try with. If you have already been declined by these places, then your best and perhaps only solution is to apply with the catalogues for bad credit.

Home Shopping Catalogues For Bad Credit



  1. Got any comments or questions? Let’s hear it!

    • Tried to get credit thru these catalogs,,wouldn’t accept my address. Need to make it clear on the applications that it for UK residents only

  2. If you’ve got bad credit already then is getting more finance or credit a good solution?

  3. I guess it depends on how you use the catalogues. Many people cannot afford to pay for things like a washing machine or fridge in one go, so spreading the payments over the course of months is ideal.

    In addition, making these regular payments will help boost your credit rating, as it will be noted on your credit file that you are repaying back finance you have borrowed.

    It’s a win win situation :)

  4. This helped me out so much! I’m only 20 & have never had a mobile phone contract, overdraft etc so I had no credit rating. My Hoover broke down & we had no way of paying upfront for one, I tried all the major catalogues but they wouldn’t accept me. I got one with fashionworld in the end! It’s very helpful!

    • Hi Kerry,
      Glad to hear you managed to what you wanted. Yes, it can be difficult to get credit when you are young and have no credit rating to begin with. I was worse than you when I was 21, as I had a LOT of debt from my university days and had a terrible credit rating as I couldn’t afford to pay anything back. I think it’s worse to have bad credit history, than no credit history at all!

      As mentioned in my previous comment, making regular repayments should definitely help build your credit rating and provide you a reputation as a trusted person who can pay back borrowed finance. This will certainly help in the future when you apply for finance of any kind.

  5. I have read so many posts about catalogues, however this article
    is in fact a good piece of writing, keep it up.

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  7. bag of s#@t……. the links keep freezing… the ones i did manage to get either wouldn’t accept me or didn’t have what i wanted….. poor checks on links before adding them i think………………….. will not use this site again :-(

  8. none will offer credit acc i have never had credit b4 why

  9. Nice article but what you fail to mention is that even people with very bad credit will more than likely be accepted for these catalogues, however when they come to purchase anything the order will be cancelled as your credit is not good enough. This has happened to me with a few catalogues, every one of which features in the above list. Also, the majority of these catalogues belong to the Nbrown group, and if you get rejected for them once you will automatically be rejected by any of their other catalogues when you place an order.

  10. you know what I did …….The classic went to a loan company because I lost my job that I had only had 3 months that I know I will get again ..but time of year an all that did see a way round starting back in January…Was accepted left ,right and center applied for one had 1,000 offers kept it real didn’t want more debt than I could afford to improve my status….They have dragged me down to 16th century shhhhhiiiiiXXXX…
    I haven’t had one loan offa them and been charged balllentluy 89.00 .35.00 and 65.00 just for app[lications …I work in credit control 100 conversations could never ,ever make me give in to proivide credit card details for this service to take a charge when its so free!!!! So I never agreed to pay any upfront but they take it anyway on the premise they need your details to pay ya loan>>>>what happened to recorded calls ..ALL THERE MY FRIENDS!! and WHY ARE METHODS NOT IMPOSED BY THERE OWN STANDARDS..,..surely it costs more to get it back from you in the end of it all I’m in the right >>>BUT good ole santander ave said its a misuse of card details and investigating ..NO WONDER>>>because whats more if you look at whats coming up ()mates rates) its not even claimable back in court from April with any court costs because they cxannot claim back court costs from apposing parties so there tjheory of bad lenders will so go on treating people that bad for what…loads of head ache and loan companies just ripping ya cus they aye got no where to go from April /////////////BUT >>>>>telling you I aye worthy of CREDIT…….I WOULD LOOK TO CREDIT SERVICE I>E experian shake it up muppets you could do better >>>>>errrmmmm don’t you think!!!arern’t you true reflection xxxxxxx..AND WHO ARE YOU GOVERNED BY???I’m calling my finanicial ominbus man an asking who is running the show xxx

    d t

  11. why when i apply for them they say i have credit then i go to order something and it takes the credit from me and says my order has been canceled what is the point in saying they gave me credit when they really havnt?

  12. If this is for low credit then how come I have never had anything from a catalogue now I can’t and keep getting turned down

  13. badcredit says:

    If you want guaranteed finance/credit then speak to your local friendly loan shark. No company is going to guarantee you finance especially if you have a history of not paying back your bills on time. If you have bad credit rating, then you have noone else to blame apart from yourself.

  14. I have an very poor credit rating, I took the free 30 day trial with experian, put a notice of correction on my credit file. (explaining how I got in debt etc.) Low and behold I got a shout credit card (it has a zero balance but good for unused credit on credit file) I have a Vanquis card and Just got accepted for grattan £200 limit and look again £100 limit. its small steps but I ENSURE these are paid in full each month. Ergo I dont spend more than I can afford to repay it is doing wonders for my score!!

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    Many thanks!

  16. James Bond's lifestyle says:

    Hurrah, that’s what I was searching for, what a information!

  17. Charne smith says:

    I have none credit whatsoever but thought I would try a catalogue for poor credit I got rejected and 6 months down the line I applied for another one it said I had 125.00 credit limit so I ordered something got delivery date and received a email today saying they are rejecting me again I have put myself on voters roll got a prepaid credit card done everything possible and still get rejected any help would be good

  18. Lucy sansum says:

    I have really bad credit and found that studio24 accepted me straight away with a £200 limit which increases every 4 months. Good range of this from Christmas prezzies to household things. Hope this helps

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